Pniël Museum and Heritage Site


The Pniël Museum is much more than just a museum. It tells the story of how a former Mission Station, established by the Apostolic Union in 1843 for the freed slaves and other blacks, grew and developed into the peaceful village of today.

Unveiling of plaque2As one walks / strolls through the rooms of the 17th century farmhouse of Papiere Molen – which is now the museum – one gets the sense of a humble but proud community that is at peace with itself. The professionally laid out photos, stories and artefacts keep the visitor enthralled, captivated, while time seems to take you back to 1843 when the first freed slaves came to start a new life here.

Please phone the office or Matthew Cyster for operating hours before your visit.

Mondays: Closed

However, in the case of extenuating circumstances, the Museum may be closed at anytime – without prior notice. Please contact the Office should you plan to visit.