Pniël Museum and Heritage Site

Cultural Tours

A tour through Pniël is a tour through history, although the visitor will no doubt be enchanted by the present-day natural beauty of the area. The village is situated in the bosom of Simonsberg Mountain that watches over a history of slavery. Today the narrow streets, beautiful oaks and old buildings are part of a heritage that never fails to captivate visitors to the village. Friendly people of the village allow the visitor to breathe the very air of this past mission station without fear.

Tours can be arranged according to time you have available. The historic tour of about 1 hour includes a visit to the Pniël Congregational Church – a national heritage site. On the Werf area the story behind Monuments like the Slave Memorial erected in 1993 to commemorate the emancipation of slaves in 1838, the Slave Bell and the Ubuntu Monument will surely keep the interest of our visitor. We conclude our visit with a guided tour through the Pniël Museum – the museum that is much more than just a museum.

We offer the following tours:

  • A tour of ±3 hours that includes the town’s main landmarks plus a guided tour from the Pniël Congregational church, across Die Werf Historical monument area and through the Pniël museum.
  • 90 minute tour includes a guided Museum tour and a tour of the historical Werf area and its monuments
  • Tour of the museum only

Booking, especially for groups, is essential.