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About Jitsvinger

Jitsvinger is Afrikaaps (Afrikaans with a local Cape Town dialect) vernacular performer who combines Hip Hop, poetry, self-composed music, theatre and storytelling.

Jitsvinger is an established Cape Flats-born conceptual writer, composer, guitarist, educator, musician, poet and performing artist. After the success of his debut album, Skeletsleutel, Jitsvinger has collaborated with classical musicians, jazz nominees, pioneers and legends, and has performed on stages and in festivals both locally in his home country of South Africa and internationally including Taiwan, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Chilé. He has composed and written music for theatre productions and film. Jitsvinger is a social commentator on issues concerning heritage, culture and especially the Afrikaans language.

Jitsvinger’s art of spoken word and poetry, along with his unique music style, became the catalyst for his ongoing work in education and social programmes. Rooted in social awareness, Jitsvinger has facilitated music, creative writing and poetry workshops with youth in high school and tertiary institutions, prisons, museums and non-governmental organisations.